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Preparing my small home studio is one of my projects. I am looking at a lot of options and I have to say it is really a riddle – if you are on a budget to test how it goes. I am going to write a lot about it, but I could not resist mentioning this blog post by the UK manufacturer Lencarta.

I have a great appreciation for the UK industry Chinese industry, that got severed for reasons I will analyse elsewhere. I also know of many people trying to revive it, including wealthy equity investors. More often than not, the quality of thinking you find in the UK is just in the opposite direction of everything else. I think this post is exactly one of those cases. It explains exactly and clearly the issue, liberated from any micro-marketing policies, and points in the right direction within the gorgeous assortment of products of this company.

Unfortunately you will not find much information on these products, but I have to say that on paper, compared to everything else in the price range, they seem to strike a quality-price balance you cannot find easily elsewhere with a very interesting twist of high end features for the savvy.

I will try to see if I can get them to post me one or two strobes…

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