Didn’t buy that air cushioned light stand? Pipe insulation to the rescue.

If you bought your_DSC0091 lights with a kit and unless you opted for a very expensive outfit, it is very likely that you did not get air cushioned light stands. At first this might not be an issue, since your lights and modifiers are not so heavy. One day though, this will happen: you will hold the lower section of your stand with the left hand, thumb close to the clamp, you will release the clamp and the upper section’s clamp will strike your thumb (real story). Then you will suck your thumb for half an hour and rage that they do not put those aircushioned stands in kits. But you do not need to rush and buy new stands.

Here’s a simple way to solve the problem and keep your thumbs and expensive lights secure: go to a hardware store and buy some heating pipe self-adhesive insulation. Measure the diameter of the sections of your stand before hand and buy an insulation that has an inner diameter exactly or even slightly smaller than the stand section (smaller means that 1-2 mm in diameter is OK). These self-adhesive insulation tubes have a sticky tape that glues the tube together. Just cut about 20 cm of this tube, cut it with normal scissors and wrap it around the section of the stand. Remove the tape and attach o the tube. I paid around $1 for a meter of this tube. So far it seems to work great, the polyurethane is dense and elastic. If I release the light from some hight, it decelerates nicely. As an added bonus, you get a nice grip for your stands!

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