Specular highlight Strobist 102 assignment

Better late than never as they say. For my first Strobist 102 assignment I picked a new pasta drainer. What I liked about this piece of kitchenware was that it gives me the opportunity to light it from within and make it look like a space-like object. I also wanted to make some stars by positioning the camera appropriately.
So I clamped the drainer on a light stand using a butterfly nut, washers and two old CDs to make the whole thing more horizontal. I placed and SB-28 below the drainer so as to light only its holes. I also used an overhead Elinchrom RX400 with an umbrella to make a specular highlight. You can see the setup here:

Specular highlight setup

It is very interesting how the metal and convex surface of the drainer reflects light. The specular highlight from the umbrella is perfectly controllable. Moving the umbrella does not spill any light on the surface of the drainer. Only the direct reflection from the surface is captured. Here’s the specular highlight:
Specular highlight on drainer

… and here is the combined specular highlight and the flash coming from below:

Specular highlight and internal lighting overlay

However, I like the shot without the specular highlight, which you can see here:


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