Making a supercharged SB-28 with Cactus V6

I was wondering for quite some time if it is possible to trigger and control multiple flashes as a single flassh unit with the incredible Cactus V6. Whell, it is possible to do it at least with two units. Here’s what it takes:

  1. An appropriate TTL cable for your system. Not all are created equal, you need a TTL cable with two hotshoes that each allows mounting a flash. I used this one from Godox and it works great.
  2. Two flashes, I used two SB-28. It makes sense they are the same.
  3. A mount for the flashes

The mounting is a bit awkward but with a few tweaks it will look better


Now, Cactus V6 can control both SB-28 power and trigger them out of the box. This can work if all you need is two flashes at the same power. I ffyou want to combine them with other flashes, you need to create a profile which also works with the standard Cactus procedure. One perk is that you cannot get the guide number to a  value larger than 80 and according to the manual it should be around 100 for the combination.

So here’s the proof that flash power is controlled, power is 1/1, 1/32 and 1/64 respectively:

_D751053 _D751052 _D751051

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